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Gas is scheduled to be shut off 5-25-07

siselee started this conversation

Please help. My  gas is scheduled to be shut off if $135.41 is not paid by 5-25-07.  I work and so does my husband but more is going out than is coming in.  I have two boys ages 6 and 7 and without my gas I will not have hot water or be able to cook.  I have tried to get the gas co. to extend my due date unitl 6-1-07 which is when I get pd but they won't.  If anyone can help me please email me at I promise I will pay you back. I am not looking for a hand out just a small loan until my payday.  Please Help Us.

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You are in my prayers I wish I could do do more Don't give up I know times can get hard personaly I know Jesus is my strenth and will be yours to litehouse

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